Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalised-medicine

Cell therapy is an emerging medical product. Imagine the power of providing only the best cells to each patient, because you can quantify and control what "best" means for each cell product.


Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-medicine, or SMART CAMP, is an Interdisciplinary Research Group in Singapore and at MIT focusing on better ways to produce living cells as medicine delivered to humans.

CAMP launched in June 2019, with the goal to address two key bottlenecks facing production of a range of potential cell therapies: Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) and Process Analytic Technologies (PAT) for cell therapy production.

CAMP is part of a wider national effort on cell therapy manufacturing in Singapore.

CAMP invents and demonstrate these CQA/PAT capabilities:

From stem to immune cells

Addressing ailments ranging from cancer to tissue degeneration

Targeting adherent and suspended cells, with and without genetic engineering

Leveraging deep and growing collaborations in Singapore and at MIT

Our goal is that this applied research and the new workforce that develops with and for the manufacturing industry & clinics will provide more patients with access to promising, approved therapies.

The Singapore National Research Foundation supports this multi-million, multi-year project convening MIT and Singapore investigators and talented researchers from engineering, science, and clinical backgrounds.

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